Geometry Dash 3.0 is one of the milestones of GD, the previous one being 2.0 . It contains tons of new content due to being one of the biggest updates.

Update 3.0 description Edit

Well, well, well! It's Geometry Dash 3.0!

  • New level: “At The Speed Of Light”!
  • New demon: “Clutterfunk Part 2”!
  • Improvements to GDTV!
  • New mode: Human! Jumps much higher than the robot!
  • Turbo mode! Levels go x4 faster than normal!
  • Platformer mode!
  • Major editor improvements!
  • Secrets...ehehehe.....
  • 10x Speed!
  • Etzer Theme!
  • 10000x Speed!
  • New demon level:"Unity"!Introduces 10000x speed.(50% to 80%,just using 8 seconds!)
  • New demon difficulty:Troll Demon
  • New troll demon level:"Brick Builder"!Introduces triple mode.
  • New demon key:"Rainbow Key"!
  • New level:"Theory Of Everything 4"!(Extreme Demon)Introduces the UNKNOWN mode in 2.2
  • New game mode:"Electro-UFO"(Indigo Portal)(teleports to a celling near)
  • New gaunlet:"Extreme gaunlet"!
  • New Level:"Come To The Circus"!Introduces new game mode Electro-UFO
  • And more......