Knock Knock, get the door, it's Geometry Dash 2.2!

  • New level, Chambers!
  • New "SwingCopter" mode!
  • You can buy a lot of new icons in Shops!
  • You can make icons in Icon Editor!
  • More Secret Chests!
  • New vault: Demonkeeper!
  • New "Challenge" mode!
  • More Icons, Ships, Balls, UFOs, Waves, Robots, Spiders!
  • More Functions in Level Editor!
  • Buy icons by codes in Demonkeeper's vault by diamonds!
  • Secrets...
  • New shards: Cloud & Space!
  • Want helpful advice? Send a question to RobTop!
  • Bug Fixes
  • Round Blocks!
  • S...S...eecret... themes!
  • Add a reset button
  • And Much more!
  • Remove the orb timing mechanic
  • More stuff in settings!
  • Raised the normal object count to 45000 objects and high to 85000 objects!
  • Any hackers now get banned forever!
  • Expanded how to play by 3 pages!
  • Added a Tutorial!